Post Induction Therapy (PIT)

Post Induction Therapy (PIT) is based on the premise that at the core of adult dysfunctional behaviors is untapped childhood trauma, including abuse/neglect, codependency, and shame as well as other unresolved family of origin issues. This method promotes deep healing and freedom from life long struggles and patterns, allowing you to live with a sense of personal power and self worth. PIT is effective in treating both adults and adolescents and it facilitates a deep healing process for shame and abuse on every level.Being in a healthy relationship with self paves the way for healthy relationships with others.

Trained by the creator of Post Induction Therapy, Pia Mellody, Joanna uses this transformational model in treating clients with issues of childhood trauma and the dysfunction it has caused in their present lives. Joanna has found this model to be a powerful tool for her clients not only in healing from those wounds, but also in offering them the opportunity to deepen their recovery by learning mature coping and relational skills.


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